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‘Invincible Youth 2′ cast members shed tears on final episode

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The cast members of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Invincible Youth 2‘ ended their time together in tears.

On the November 17th episode, the hosts and G5 girls wrapped up the last of the show’s one-year run by sharing their feelings and memories from the past season.

The cast members grew teary as they watched a video clip of their first meeting and moments from the past year. Girls’ Generation‘s Hyoyeon shared, “I’m [disappointed] we couldn’t get even closer,” while SISTAR‘s Bora expressed, “The fact that [the show’s] suddenly gone… I still feel like I’m going to come to film ‘Invincible Youth’ next week. I can’t believe it. But we’re friends who can see each other anytime, so I hope we do often.”

Jewelry‘s Yewon said, “It’s been two years since I’ve debuted, and for one year, I’ve been with ‘Invincible Youth’. You are all precious to me, and I won’t forget you.” KARA‘s Jiyoung commented, “I learned so much [from being with everyone] the past year. I’m thankful to the cast and crew.”

Like the other G5 girls, miss A‘s Suzy was unable to hold back her tears as she said, “To be honest when I first heard the news that ‘Invincible Youth’ was ending, I was happy because I thought of all the [hard work we did]. But thinking back, I remembered all the good moments we had together too, and I’m [disappointed] that we’ll be leaving each other. I’m the youngest, so I should’ve made more of an effort to get closer to the unnis, but [my personality didn’t let me]. I feel like we were just beginning to become one and work together, so I’m disappointed. I want us to contact each other often. I was really happy [during this experience].”

source: allkpop


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